2nd Annual Veterans Day “A Night of Laughter”

2nd Annual A Night of Laughter

Veterans Day Event- “A Night of Laughter” 2015
Hosted by Hound Squad & Wounded Heroes of America

Come join us for another terrific night of fellowship and laughter with our Wounded Vets. Tickets just went on sale NOW for our 2nd Annual “Night of Laughter”.  Last year was a great night of fun, this year will be even better. Come and support our Combat Wounded and bring a friend. See you this Veterans Day at the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach CA. 

For those that want to send a Christmas gift to families of our Wounded and Fallen warriors, we’ll be collecting unwrapped toys that night. This event will kick-off our Christmas program where last year we delivered toys to over 200 children.  Your support is GREATLY appreciated!! For more information, please call Wendy or Mike at 310-355-0266. Tickets are $25 each and you can purchase them online here.

New Parents & and a Very Lucky Child

A baby girl for Rudy and Claudia. Congrats to the Saavedra and Guillen Family!

We spend a lot of time talking about the heroism and courage and selfless service to our Country from our Warriors, and they deserve every letter, every word and every story written about them, their sacrifice and their courage. I recently heard said “A Hero is no braver than the average person, they are just braver five minutes longer” Rudy Saavedra is one of those we talk about every now and then. He was among our first of our Combat Wounded Vets. I met him in early 2007 at the Long Beach VA at his Purple Heart ceremony. Along with Rudy receiving his Purple Heart, were Alroy Billiman, Felipe Adams and Sgt Major Jesse Acosta all became part of WHOA and our history. But now we’re going to talk about Rudy. Rudy is a decorated combat leader who is now a paraplegic as a result Continue reading New Parents & and a Very Lucky Child

WHOA at the Price is Right for Veterans Day 2015

Today a group of us went to the CBS studios in LA for the filming of the Price is Right. The show was all about Veterans. We only got a few photos as we couldn’t take our cell phone inside the studios, but in spite of the rain, the traffic jams, and everyone being late, we all manage to all make it in and had a great time. Special thanks to Jose and Wendy Vasquez for scoring the tickets to the show. It will air on Veterans Day later in the year.

The Rojas’ New Home – A gift to a Hero

Today Gil and Marabella Rojas were awarded their mortgage free home by the Military Support Foundation in Partnership with Wells Fargo. While we WHOA can’t do the really big things, thank God we have friends that can. What we do pretty well is work behind the scenes to advocate on their behalf, to find resources and opportunities to better their lives. It’s no accident that 10 of our Vets have received mortgage free homes thanks to Military Support Foundation and their Partnership with folks like Wells Fargo. They have given over 600 homes to wounded vets Continue reading The Rojas’ New Home – A gift to a Hero

Independence Day 2015

A question often asked why fireworks – Aren’t fireworks dangerous , bad for Vets suffering from PTSD , doesn’t that remind them of the trauma of combat, wouldn’t it be better if we didn’t have fireworks at all? – think of all the fires, the vets, the resources that are allocated to the 4th of July that could be utilized in other areas. Why then do we love fireworks so much? Could it have something to do with The Rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, the banner still waving , the Land of the Free and the home of the Brave? Maybe…Perhaps it’s the celebration of the lives given by all those brave men and women who gave their last measure of devotion to create this Great Continue reading Independence Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015 was a memorable weekend indeed around the South Bay.  Every year Green Hills Memorial Park is host to one of the largest ceremonies in the Southland commemorating Memorial Day and honoring those that have served and those that have given as, Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg Address, “Their Last Measure of Devotion”.  This year was a special year in that the Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall came to Green Hills and so did Veterans from all across Southern California. We at WHOA had the opportunity to volunteer and help assemble the wall. Erecting the wall is quite and engineering feat, but once erected, it’s a sight to see and quite a privilege for those of us taking part.
The ceremony was beautiful. The guests Continue reading Memorial Day 2015

Harvey’s Recognition Award

Another splendid monthly gathering at El Cholo Restaurant with a special recognition to one of our board members who works tirelessly to help bring attention to our foundation, Harvey Jacobson. It was joyous to see many familiar faces come join us in acknowledging Harvey’s continued support and commitment to Wounded Heroes of America. To many of our guys, this foundation is truly their second family and it was a special moment for many to see Harvey receive his award from all of us at the foundation. Harvey has been the key person for many significant contributions, both monetary and in-kind donations, to our group. Who can forget the memorable day at the Los Angeles County Fair when our guys and their entire family were treated to a full day of exciting rides, fun carnival games, and delicious food all graciously Continue reading Harvey’s Recognition Award

Wendy’s Recognition Award

At our March Dinner, the foundation honored and recognized our executive secretary Wendy Menjivar for her dedication to the foundation and the vets we serve.

Wendy is a well loved and respected member of this foundation. She keeps everything flying straight around here- from organizing events to administration, from baby showers, to Christmas, to selling fireworks; she’s in the middle of it all. Wounded Heroes of America would be a different place and have a different face if not for Wendy. The affection for this young lady reaches far and wide among our community. Continue reading Wendy’s Recognition Award

We Own a Piece of the Apple

First, the guys were coming home and no one knew what to do. No one knew anything about benefits, or knew of anyone that knew anything about benefits or filing claims, challenging the rejections, or what’s available and how to get it. It was medication and more medication and hurry up and wait. Many of the vets that came to us came through AW2 wounded warrior program and/ or case workers at the local VA. We would send a few dollars home every month, bring the families together, call friends who had some knowledge of benefits or some connection within the system and that was the way we solved problems, and in spite of winging it we did quite well. There is a lot of truth in old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know”. We walked people through Social Security, through HUD Vash, when the caregiver compensation appeared many of our spouses applied and got additional income Continue reading We Own a Piece of the Apple

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