The Children

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From the start, we recognized that the recovery of those who have gone to war depends in large part on the people they have around them when they get back—most notably their spouses, their parents, and their kids. It’s also clear that those who have strong family support do much better in recovery than those who lack such support, and …

Mother’s Day 2016

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Happy Mother’s Day When we started down this path in 2001, we simply wanted to help others, to be a volunteer in this post-9/11 world. I didn’t think it would turn into a foundation, but in 2002, we began an association with a newly formed group called United Warriors Survivor Foundation (UWSF). Founded by Petty Officer Nick Rocha, the goal …

Let the Good Times Roll

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At Wounded Heroes of America, we insist on enjoying ourselves. Life is meant to be lived, after all, and how we spend our allocated time on Earth is up to us. Many of the men and women we serve have seen enough horrible things to last a lifetime, so whenever we get an opportunity to let loose and have a …

A Day at the Ranch

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Before the day at the ranch, we looked at the weather report every day, and every day the forecast improved. When February 13 arrived, the weather could not have been better; it was a gorgeous day to be outside. El Niño was nowhere to be found. It was our second annual trip to Horse of the Sun Ranch, and our …

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Operation Santa Brings Everyone Out to Volunteer and Have Fun

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Just another day at the office…Christmas at Wounded Heroes of America. Next is Santa’s job, delivering the gifts. It has always been our goal to involve as many volunteers and Vets and their families to run Operation Santa while insisting on enjoying ourselves while doing it. This is what a typical day looks like at WHOA’s Operation Santa Christmas program.    

South Bay Local Business Owner Brings Christmas to Children of Wounded Veterans

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Thank you Jim – Just in the nick of time! Today Jim Chen, owner/operator of Independent Repair and Tire Pros in Redondo Beach, came through for us as he has done many times in the past. Jim is a local business owner and a great friend that has always supported our foundation helping wounded Veterans. Today he donated $1,000.00 to buy …

2015 First Christmas Wrapping Party at WHOA

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Christmas time is a special time of the year at Wounded Heroes of America.  It’s a time when many of our Vets and their families gather at the office to volunteer for fundraising, buying gifts, wrapping, and making Santa deliveries.  It’s a true joy to see so many of our wounded Veterans come out to interact with other families and …