We Own a Piece of the Apple

First, the guys were coming home and no one knew what to do. No one knew anything about benefits, or knew of anyone that knew anything about benefits or filing claims, challenging the rejections, or what’s available and how to get it. It was medication and more medication and hurry up and wait. Many of the vets that came to us came through AW2 wounded warrior program and/ or case workers at the local VA. We would send a few dollars home every month, bring the families together, call friends who had some knowledge of benefits or some connection within the system and that was the way we solved problems, and in spite of winging it we did quite well. There is a lot of truth in old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know”. We walked people through Social Security, through HUD Vash, when the caregiver compensation appeared many of our spouses applied and got additional income

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