At Wounded Heroes of America, we like to put the bottom line on top.

Our mission is to help Combat Wounded Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan in whatever ways we can. We seek to offer:

  • Financial assistance

  • Help fighting depression and loneliness

  • Fellowship and a sense of belonging

  • Gratitude for the sacrifices our heroes have made

  • Education about the challenges combat wounded face

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More than 200,000 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are considered unemployed


Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been granted disability


is home to more veterans than any other state


veterans are committing suicide every day PTSD

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Day at the Ranch -2018

For our first Family Day of 2018, we’d like to thank the folks at Horse of the Sun Ranch. We had a wonderful start to the year and took advantage of a much-needed opportunity to get together with old and new friends alike. Most importantly, Family Day helped us maintain our great friendship with Horse…

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A Navajo Soldier’s Story – Spc Alroy Billiman

In 2007,I had the opportunity to attend a Purple Heart ceremony for four veterans. The ceremony was held at the Long Beach VA in California, and it was the first time I had any personal contact with combat wounded veterans. We at WHOA had recently begun providing financial assistance to wounded vets, but they were…

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A Soldier’s Story- Sgt Doraliza Vellez-Collazo

I first made contact with Doraliza in 2008, when she was living in a boarding house in Orange County. Her parents and most of her family members were back in Puerto Rico, her homeland, and the only person she had any contact with was her niece. Intelligent and educated, Doraliza had served in the Army…

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Together we can can provide a better life for our veterans

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