At Wounded Heroes of America, we like to put the bottom line on top.

Our mission is to help Combat Wounded Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan in whatever ways we can. We seek to offer:

  • Financial assistance

  • Help fighting depression and loneliness

  • Fellowship and a sense of belonging

  • Gratitude for the sacrifices our heroes have made

  • Education about the challenges combat wounded face

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More than 200,000 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are considered unemployed


Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been granted disability


is home to more veterans than any other state


veterans are committing suicide every day PTSD

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News & Events

Thank you to El Segundo Fire Department

Today we picked two SUVs loaded to the brim with toys from our good friends at the El Segundo Fire Department. This is the second year they’ve helped out Big Time with Operation Santa — Those guys are great. So the wrapping and shipping has started in earnest. Santa is getting ready to hit the…

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Thanksgiving 2016

The end of 2016 is fast approaching, and what a great year we’ve had so far. We’ve added new veterans and their families to WHOA. We’ve formed new friendships and solidified old ones. We continue to successfully advocate on behalf of our vets. We’ve accomplished amazing feats with our business partners like Progressive Insurance. Once…

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Veteran’s Day 2016

Veterans, tomorrow is your day. Thank you for protecting the freedoms I and so many others enjoy. As you know, we at Wounded Heroes of America appreciate our Combat Wounded Vets. Figuratively speaking, we have been in the trenches with many of them on their roads to recovery. We’ve had some ups and downs, but…

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Mentoring our young Veterans

Mentoring: it’s about teaching, guiding and expanding the minds and horizons of our youth. I once watched a mother bird teach her chick to fly. She flew away a few feet, then the hungry chick flew to her and she fed it. She then flew to another part of the aviary and the chick flew…

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On the Road Again with CFC

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is underway, and once again, Wounded Heroes of America (WHOA) is taking part. In Los Angeles County alone, there are approximately 2,000 charities that participate in CFC. The program was started by John F. Kennedy and is regulated by the federal government, and all charities are vetted by the Office…

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Ride With The Tide 2016

We finished a very busy September on a beautiful day. The beach was gorgeous, there wasn’t a cloud in sight, and the view rivaled any seen along the Mediterranean coastline in southern France. Only it wasn’t Southern France and it wasn’t the Tour de France; it was Redondo Beach and it was Ride with the…

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Together we can can provide a better life for our veterans

Wounded Warriors is committed to helping veterans, but we can’t do it without you.
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