At Wounded Heroes of America, we like to put the bottom line on top.

Our mission is to help Combat Wounded Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan in whatever ways we can. We seek to offer:

  • Financial assistance

  • Help fighting depression and loneliness

  • Fellowship and a sense of belonging

  • Gratitude for the sacrifices our heroes have made

  • Education about the challenges combat wounded face

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More than 200,000 Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are considered unemployed


Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan have been granted disability


is home to more veterans than any other state


veterans are committing suicide every day PTSD

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September 28, 2017

Wounded Heroes of America Golf Tournament

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Day at the Fair 2017

Every year, the LA County Fair hosts the families of combat wounded vets for a day of fun. This is one of our annual events that fills up fast, and one everyone looks forward to attending. We often say that the resources we need to make life better for our combat wounded are in the…

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A Beautiful Day

From the first day Wounded Heroes of America was founded, we knew we could create long-lasting relationships if we fostered an environment of continual contact rather than that of one-time-assistance and on to the next vets. We’ve designed many of our programs specifically with that goal in mind. We weren’t sure what the exact benefits…

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Back- to-school shopping with Rotary

At Wounded Heroes of America, we believe that it’s not just the government’s obligation to take care of our combat wounded but that it’s also our collective responsibility. And with the help of our friends in the community, it’s not that hard to do. Americans love their veterans, and we have proven time and again…

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Together we can can provide a better life for our veterans

Wounded Warriors is committed to helping veterans, but we can’t do it without you.
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