Beyond our financial contributions, we help our veterans through a variety of annual events designed to create a sense of community and show our support for our veterans and their families.

Golf Tournament

2004 golf tournament flyer banner
Register for the 2024 Golf Tournament

Why Golf? Golf is one of the most social games there is. They say if you want to get to know a person’s character spend 5 hours on the golf course with them.

At WHOA, we understand the need to build bridges between our community and our veterans. We have found no better way than for them to spend an entire day together. It's one of the most challenging games. Our vets are young and love a challenge.

Most people have very little contact or even know anyone that has served or been in combat. Almost all our veterans have been wounded or injured as a result of their service.

 Spending a day on the golf course gives our friends in the civilian world an opportunity to get to know our vets and thank them for their service. It's a small gesture that means everything to our vets-- recognition of their sacrifice. It’s a terrific way to raise much needed funding too. It’s an entire day with the vets.

The sponsors and contributors will have the satisfaction of making this their event and participating in some amazing tournaments benefiting some amazing young people.

It’s a tradition that we've carried on since our first Golf tournament in Nov 29th 2001. We donated the proceeds to the surviving spouse of Michael Mac Donnell a young husband and father killed in action. In her letter to us, she said, “After what you and your group have done, it has made me realize that all humanity is not lost “

And at the end of the day, there's an award ceremony -- a sit-down dinner with a  foursome that may include a combat Wounded Veteran

Join us on the golf course for a special day with our Combat Wounded Veterans.

For more information, please contact our office at (310)  355-0266 or send us an email through our contact form.  You may also make a direct donation.

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Annual Softball Game

Softball With Our Vets WHOA

Marines from San Gabriel Valley and Wounded Heroes of America fought it out on a different kind of sand lot. It had drama, action and even a few guys had to limp home, but everyone had a great time. WHOA made a valiant comeback but came up a few runs short. 18 to 16 a hard-fought contest that left everyone satisfied that they gave all and them some. It was great a day.

Its special day anytime we can get together like this. We played hard, laugh a lot, BBQs some burgers and dogs and the whole family just grew a little closer-and we’re getting a little bit better every time.

We have a team folks and we’re ready for the next challenge. Special thanks to Mario Martinez and all his Marine friends for a great day. We’re looking for the next victim- Well maybe not exactly a victim, but a game -we’re getting better every time. Win or lose, one thing for sure , everyone left better friends.


WHOA Annual Turkey Giveway


As the year comes to a close, we have much to be thankful for.

First Blessing is the friendship and partnership we have cultivated with Albertsons.

A very special thanks to the managers at the Carson store on Main and Sepulveda, Vance Bennett and Jody Carr, who have demonstrated year after year to be real friends to WHOA and strong supporters for our Wounded Veterans and their families.

Because of this collaboration, we have had the wonderful opportunity to distribute complete turkey dinners to our Vets to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families for the 3rd consecutive year.  In total this year, WHOA passed out 120 complete turkey dinners which included a delicious turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing and all the trimmings.

For more information, please contact our office at (310)  355-0266 or send us an email through our contact form.

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Alive Day

alive day day at the beach 2022

Several years ago, one of our vets invited me to a BBQ at his home. I asked him, "What's the occasion, is it your birthday?"

He replied, "No it's my 'Alive Day'". So I asked, "What is Alive Day?" He said, "Alive Day is the day I was wounded and survived. I celebrate my Alive Day every year."

I will never forget that conversation. As a matter of fact, I purchased the URLs for Alive Day Festival with the idea of having a summer event or festival.

Celebrating Alive Day - We have always said, "We insist on enjoying Life." Alive Day is a beautiful day that should be celebrated with family and friends...  while always remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

-- Mike Talleda


WHOA Fireworks Stand


Come celebrate 4th of July with us at the annual WHOA fireworks stand!

Our summer fundraiser is around the corner. Come down and meet our veterans, their families, and our rock star volunteers. It’s the best place to buy your fireworks to celebrate America’s Birthday.

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Christmas Program


Christmas time is a special time of the year at Wounded  Heroes of America.  It’s a time when many of our Vets and  their families gather at the office to volunteer for  fundraising, buying gifts, wrapping, and making Santa  deliveries. 

It’s a true joy to see so many of our wounded  Veterans come out to interact with other families and enjoy  the holiday spirit with their own loved ones.

For more information, please contact our office at (310)  355-0266 or send us an email through our contact form.  You may also make a direct donation.

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