wounded heroes vets annual thanksgiving dinner

Our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

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Our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner – El Cholo Restaurant supporting our veterans – On Thursday, Nov 16, 2023, just thirteen days shy of WHOA’s 22nd anniversary, we were hosted for dinner at El Cholo Restaurant in La Habra. In addition to the food provided by El Cholo, WHOA distributed a full turkey dinner to 20 veteran families to take home and …

lunch with our vets

Lunch For Our Vets

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Every other Friday Wounded Heroes of America (WHOA) host a lunch for our vets. The idea was to get the vets together, young and old ( rather older)- one thing we notice when we bring these two generations together we could see just how in awe the younger vets were of older vets and at the same time how proud …

friends at charitable funds posing for picture wth mike talleda

Helping Our Combat-wounded And Surviving Spouses For Over 20 Years

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We have been helping our combat-wounded and surviving spouses for over 20 years now. It’s been a labor of love from the very beginning, but also it is an obligation to these young men and women we send to war, to be here ready to help them when they come back with these horrific life-changing wounds. We have always felt …

veteran at bat at the annual summer softball event

Summer Softball

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Sun is setting on Summer 2023 We had a great time Saturday, Sept 16th hanging out and playing around – I’ll let the photos tell the story. This was our 5th Softball- BBQ summer event – (Wounded Heroes of America) – WHOA vs. SGV Marines (San Gabriel Valley). The first few years the Marines beat us like a drum. Things …

lunch with our vets

An Uncle With a Few Dollars

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One of our goals is to educate the public on what WHOA does…. We are blessed to be written up in the ‘Sentinel’ Newsletter and displayed on the Chapter 78 Special Forces website. https://www.specialforces78.com/ This all started by Mike Talleda being invited to Los Alamitos for a presentation/meeting to Special Forces Chapter 78. Special Forces Chapter 78 is composed of some of …

Wounded Heroes at the Hawthorne 100th Year Celebration

Happy Birthday, Hawthorne!

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July 9th City of Hawthorne CA celebrated its 100th birthday with a festive weekend and a parade. It was a beautiful day for a nice walk and countless numbers of businesses and organizations participated including Wounded Heroes of America. We have always supported our community and have built an excellent relationship with our host city so when asked if we …

February 16, 2022

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Why Golf ? Before anything else, I want to thank you and the many people who have made it possible for us to keep this foundation alive over the last 20 years, and for giving not just me but many friends and volunteers the ability and privilege to help our combat wounded and their families.  Why Golf? Without golf, there …

Thanksgiving with WHOA

Low-Income Housing for Veterans

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At our Thanksgiving dinner 2019 we had about 20 vets there -with their spouses and children there were over 70 people there. When you help one vet you’re helping a lot more people than just the veteran. Several weeks ago, the Hawthorne City Council unanimously accepted a motion to donate a city-owned parcel to a qualified developer with experience in …

Looking Back and Forward: Since 2001 the journey continues

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  It was sometime in the middle of October 2001. I took my daughter to get her braces, and, after being a good family guy, I felt the need to hit a bucket of balls and went to a nearby golf course.   While there, out on the green, I had the idea to organize a golf tournament. The pain …