They did their job, now it’s our turn.

Thank you for supporting our mission in helping our wounded Veterans. Your financial contributions provide an immediate answer to the most pressing needs for many of our Veterans transitioning back to civilian life. It is your donations that help us overcome the everyday challenges that stand between our future vision and our present reality in helping our Vets.

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Christmas time is a special time of the year at Wounded  Heroes of America.  It’s a time when many of our Vets and  their families gather at the office to volunteer for  fundraising, buying gifts, wrapping, and making Santa  deliveries. It’s a true joy to see so many of our wounded  Veterans come out to interact with other families and enjoy  the holiday spirit with their own loved ones.

Together let’s make this holiday season the best one ever by donating to our annual Christmas Program. All donations will go towards buying toys for Operation Santa.