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An Uncle With a Few Dollars

Omari Valentine News

One of our goals is to educate the public on what WHOA does….

We are blessed to be written up in the ‘Sentinel’ Newsletter and displayed on the Chapter 78 Special Forces website.

This all started by Mike Talleda being invited to Los Alamitos for a presentation/meeting to Special Forces Chapter 78. Special Forces Chapter 78 is composedĀ of some of the most elite warriors the military has to offer (Green Berets, Rangers, etc.) throughout the years. Upon Chapter 78 personnel learning what WHOA does to assist wounded veterans, in many different ways, they chose to present (re-post original article written in 2/16/2023 – South Bay Cities paper) to their website and to their newsletter – Sentinel. It is truly a honor and privilege for them to acknowledge our works…

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