Wounded Heroes at the Hawthorne 100th Year Celebration

Happy Birthday, Hawthorne!

Mike Talleda News

July 9th City of Hawthorne CA celebrated its 100th birthday with a festive weekend and a parade. It was a beautiful day for a nice walk and countless numbers of businesses and organizations participated including Wounded Heroes of America. We have always supported our community and have built an excellent relationship with our host city so when asked if we would be part we enthusiastically agreed.

We at Wounded Heroes of America take pride in the relationships we have built, not just with the veterans, but with entire families- many of our programs have been specifically created for children. Throughout the years we have watched the kids grow up. We have organized baby showers, Christmas programs, back-to-school shopping sprees, and many other events designed to bring the families together so when we got the opportunity to do something special like representing our foundation in a parade the kids were the most excited. To make a long story short everyone had a blast. We had vets come from as far as the Navajo Reservation.

There are things we take for granted here in So Cal, there were two young Navajo boys that came with their father that had never seen the ocean. Needless to say, we spent every day they were here at the beach. Happy birthday, Hawthorne – It’s been the home of Wounded Heroes of America for over 20 years.