Mike Talleda Testimonials

My name is Brandon J. Douglas and I am a United States Veteran.  I served in the United States Navy as an airman and advanced to the pay grade of petty officer third class prior to my honorable discharge after serving four exciting years.

I remember the moment I saw the planes hit the twin towers in New York back in 2001.  I felt as if those planes could have been bombs dropped on any section of our homeland. That was the moment I believe I decided to enlist in a branch to protect our homeland. This one life-changing thought was encouraged by a friend who has passed away far before his time.  His passing has given me more clarity on the importance of expressing love toward fellow good men and women.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are coming up soon and Mike has given many of us the opportunity to feel what it’s like to have family ties and celebrations without the emotional expense of decorations and anticipated cheer.  He has given us relief and care- values that are overlooked even during our times served.  So, let us encourage one another and believe in a higher power. For me that’s Jesus and guess what, the love He demonstrated is the reason our Nation has a super power of the world.  Our constitution under God is coded with equality but it’s all due to Him obeying God’s order and dying for us on the cross. Please, remember why we are such a great Nation and let us continue to honor those that have strived for excellence and encouraged us.


God bless you all!