Jose Juan Perez Velazquez Testimonials

My dearest Brother and Sister, fellow Veterans;
I am Doraliza and by the grace of God I am having the honor of addressing to you this letter. I am surrounded by Casey Anzack, the beautiful sister of our fallen Hero Joseph as she helps me write this letter to you. We are at the 9-11 Office and we are sharing memories and laughter. She was the author of last month’s letter and what a beautiful letter that was! As you can remember, it was about her being grateful of her brother’s sacrifice and his legacy for her and her family.

Family is everything to me! I went to my home town in Puerto Rico and I was so scared and insecure because since I got injured I have tried to stay away from family and friends for fear of rejection and mocking. I “used” to be so independent, so joyful and strong that a sense of failure conquered my heart. Even as you guys know it is not your fault that you got hurt or injured, but the fact that your family and friends are expecting you to be all you were before.