Mike Talleda Testimonials

My name is Erick Revolorio and I served in the US Navy for a Naval Squadron, VFA-22, out of NAS Lemoore, CA. I did a deployment to the Persian Gulf in 1993 on the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln which was sent to enforce the no-fly zone in the Iraq/Kuwait area and later to assist along the coast of Somalia during the conflict there. Although, I really enjoyed being part of the military and considered making it a career, I did manage to get injured in the process. In the process, I ended up leaving with some hard feelings, nostalgia, and regret of what could have been.

As I started my life outside of the military, I begin to experience some of the things that other service members have. I begin to have problems in college which now I know was due from post concussion symptoms. Physical problems which were much easier to work through when I was younger but now seem to be catching up with my age. Also, I realized that employers had trouble really understanding how to translate my skill sets to the type of jobs available and I not knowing how exactly to either. Eventually all these things caught up to me and my family and we ended up homeless.

Now, after gaining some stability, Wounded Heroes of America has provided me with financial help, a place where I can spend time with fellow veterans and their families, and a much needed listening ear. I am very grateful for everything Mike, Wendy, and all the other veterans have done for me and my family. Considering how difficult it can be navigating the VA and finding other organizations for help, I am thankful for their care and commitment to helping veterans.

Thank you for reading my ramblings, and to all service members for their courage and sacrifice for our nation.