Ervin Reyes testimonial photo for Wounded Heroes of America


Mike Talleda Testimonials

December 1, 2019

Hello Warriors, I hope this letter finds you well and in good health along with your loved ones. I love my experience in the Army and I met some of the finest, loyal and awesome friends that are now my brothers for life and who I should never forget. Wounded Heroes of America has helped me by providing financial advice as well as hosting family events, not only to bond with my family but other Veterans. I truly thank them for all the help and support they have given my family compose of my wife Yoselin and four children. Being Strong is about much more than being physically fit. It is mental and emotional strength. It is the confidence to lead. It is the courage to stand up for your beliefs. It is the compassion to help others. It is the desire for lifelong learning. It is the intelligence to make the right decision. It is making a difference for you self, your family, your community and our great nation the makes us proud to be Americans. It’s also the kind of strength that endures. It is the strength that comes from challenging training, teamwork, shared values and personal experience. A Soldier’s time in the Military may come to an end, but he or she will always be Strong because the lessons learned and values gained are timeless. They will serve as a springboard to life beyond the Military and will last long after physical strength fades.

Wounded Heroes of America would love to wish to Your Family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

 I would like to take the opportunity to extend my must sincere thank you and gratitude to Wounded Heroes of America for all the help. I would like to give a Special Thank You for your commitment and dedication to every Veteran here today

to:                Mike Talleda: WHOA President

                     Wendy Menjivar: WHOA Secretary

Your gesture serves as one of the countless reminders as to why the Wounded Heroes of America Center continues to be the lynchpin in so many Military and Civilian Communities. …


 SSG Reyes, Ervin and Family

 Veteran, United States Army