Harvey’s Recognition Award

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Another splendid monthly gathering at El Cholo Restaurant with a special recognition to one of our board members who works tirelessly to help bring attention to our foundation, Harvey Jacobson. It was joyous to see many familiar faces come join us in acknowledging Harvey’s continued support and commitment to Wounded Heroes of America. To many of our guys, this foundation is truly their second family and it was a special moment for many to see Harvey receive his award from all of us at the foundation. Harvey has been the key person for many significant contributions, both monetary and in-kind donations, to our group. Who can forget the memorable day at the Los Angeles County Fair when our guys and their entire family were treated to a full day of exciting rides, fun carnival games, and delicious food all graciously arranged and donated by Harvey’s contacts. But it doesn’t end there. Harvey brings his many years of professional expertise of finance to our guys by conducting monthly workshops to get a better understanding on how to properly manage your finances, and live a happier, more stress-free life as a result. Again, we’d like to give a great big thanks from all of us to Harvey!


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