Hawthorne PD Training

Omari Valentine Past Events

We’ve been looking forward to today since we got the invitation to visit with the Hawthorne PD and take part in one of their training sessions. The conversation was mainly PTSD and triggers and hooks- Triggers, what set them off – hooks what calms them down. The Police, for their part, are interested in learning how best to defuse and not escalate a confrontation with a vet suffering PTSD.

Joining us from WHOA were Veronica Hernandez, Nick Stark, Moises Escareno, and Daniel Torres. They gave a strong description of what their PTSD is like and how it works in their lives. It’s something people should hear especially the officers on the street. It was candid and real- What everyday life is like for vets living with PTSD.

I’m proud of the Hawthorne Police for taking the initiative to get together with these combat vets – get to know them on a personal level and learn from them and hopefully have more successful outcomes to future confrontations with vets experiencing PTSD.

I hope that other Police Departments would see the benefit in what Hawthorne PD just did and have more dialogue with Combat Vets. However small the collaboration will be, it will be a step in the right direction and we’ll have better outcomes in future confrontations.

Veronica, Nick, Moises, and Daniel- Thanks guys -you did a great job