Jose Juan Perez Velazquez Testimonials

To my brothers and sisters in arms,
My name is Jeremiah I am one of the FNG’s to the 9-11 foundation. I served with Bravo Company 3rd Battalion 187 Infantry Regiment out of Ft. Campbell, KY…101rst Airborne Division. I served along side Mr. Ceasare Shawn Trujillo.
Just for a little background info, I was born in Torrance and raised in southern California. I joined the Army at the age of 18. Did my basic training under the skirt of the queen of battle in Ft. Benning GA. Once arriving at my unit, I was proudly assigned to the “RAKKASANS”.

After Sept. 11, we came down on orders for Afghanistan. Our sister unit first battalion went in with elements of the 10th Mountain and Ranger Battalion. We went in next into Khandahar while it was still insecure and not fully cleared. Our ops primarily consisted of perimeter security and QRF missions. We took part of operations Anaconda and Mountain Lion. Our objectives were to attach to Alpha teams in squad size elements and perform search, attach, and destroy missions. With the help of spectra gun ships, we were successful. Areas of ops consisted of Bagram, Herot, Gardez, Khandahar, and a couple undisclosed locations.