Mike Talleda Testimonials

Coming into the foundation was not easy for my husband he suffers from ptsd and opening up to people is very hard for him from day one the foundation opened up their doors to us they were very welcoming and caring. My husband seen that and slowly excepted their  friendship. Being apart of the foundation has made us both feel that we are not alone. We have met a lot of people who share our same story.  The foundation has been with us through some very though times. They are our second family.

To be a wife and a caregiver of a veteran is not the easysiest job in fact it’s been the toughest job I have had but still I have not given up and I won’t. I know I am not alone. in the foundation I have met a lot of other wives that go through the same things that I go through not only do they share their story’s but they share their  support, and for that my husband and I are grateful to  have a lot of these people in our lives.

We have had the joy of going on road trips with the foundation, my husband is not much of a social person so going on these trips with the guys has been a very great experience for him.  Being able to help out for the fire work stands, the golf tournaments, the Christmas event, baby showers etc.. is our way of giving back for all the love and support this wonderful foundation has gave us. We will continue to grow strong with the foundation and welcome everyone to join us.