Mike Talleda Testimonials

First and fourth most I want to thank you for serving our country. You know what the taste of freedom is, and why we stand by each other!

When I first retired I had a very hard time adapting to the civil life and I was almost living at the Long Beach VA due to all the TBI, PTSD etc. appointments. By Faith not luck, I ran into one of the Wounded Heroes of America and he told me about the foundation in which I attended the very next meeting. That meeting was the best therapy that I have received since being out!

You see, the people who started this foundation have not forgotten the very key that makes this country free and the foundation supports all that serve now and have severed in the past. I compel you to try the foundation, meet all the warriors and members that make this foundation work, you will not regret showing up to any of the many meetings and or fund raiser we do to help the foundation and are battle buddies.

Wounded Heroes of America understands the meaning of,

“All gave some; some gave all”

SFC John Stapleton (retired)