Local Community Member Donates Vehicle to Wounded Veteran

Mike Talleda Announcements, Community Advocacy

We’re going to make this short and to the point.  It’s nice when a theory turns to reality. We’ve always felt that it’s not just the government that has an obligation to care for our combat wounded Veterans, but rather, it’s everyone’s responsibility. The much resources we need to make their lives better can be found in our communities and within our friends.
People want to help our Vets but don’t know how or have a vehicle to do it. We, at Wounded Heroes of America, feel that we have been a vehicle doing just that for many years now. We bring people together to help our combat wounded Vets.

Meet Pearl and Javier. They will forever have a connection now. Javier, a Marine, that served 3 tours in Iraq has been having a tough time as of late and could use a little help. To make a long story short, he needed to do a few things just to get a restricted license but the main thing he needed was a vehicle. Unfortunately, like many of our returning wounded Veterans, he had no money to purchase a vehicle. We knew the most important task was to get a vehicle for Javier first and then focus on getting the restricted license to allow him mobility to drive to and from work as he gets back on his feet.

Pearl, a friend and supporter of the foundation, heard we needed a car and made it possible for Javier to have a positive and brighter future by donating her spare car to him. And that’s how it works. Individuals stepping up to meet the needs of our wounded Veterans to give them the best opportunity possible with a healthy transition back to civilian life.

This is a short, rough, and uncut video of Javier and Pearl. Two people taking turns caring for each other. Today Javier drove off in his new car thanks to Pearl. We can certainly say, he’s a pretty happy guy!