Mike Talleda Testimonials

I am an infantry man that was attached to Lima Company 3/1, for three tours to Iraq. I was Afforded My Life And Limbs to keep on trucking, this Program has giving the opportunity to branch out with other Marines that have the same crud going on in their lives I feel whole as a person to be allowed an opportunity to partake and be involved in such a noble action, the people I have met right from the get go, have all been more than great to me.  Mike and Wendy you both kick ass!

My Motivation has been brought up to an entire different level. You hold a high standard here and a quality that is unmatched!

My Family and I had had great experiences for this Family organization. I am proud to be here and wait to see what’s under the next door of opportunity for this fantastic organization

I love being here, I love being part of this Camaraderie.

My Significant other is impressed on my attitude,  motivation and my outlook after meeting up with the Group at El Cholo Restaurant, she knows as I know that with kind and knowledgeable help we will prosper and be able to help other Vets in need.