Jose Juan Perez Velazquez Testimonials

A Todos Los Muchachos
Brothers in Arms

Hello to my fellow veteran’s my name is Rigoberto. I was in the United States Army attached to 1st Cav, Fort Hood Texas. I’m really thankful for being a part of your family. My story is very much like many Latino vets- I born in Mexico, state of Sinaloa. I’m 27 years old, raised in Paramount cal, graduated in 2002 and I Joined the Army to become a GI Joe. I have one brother and one sister and I’m the only GI in the family. I was stationed in Fort hood TX. 1st Cav. Alpha company 2/5 Blacknights. We deployed 2006-2007 later we were extended to 2008. In Dec 10, 2006, I had a Red Cross call that my father passed a way, it was hard times. I went back home to Cali for emergency leave to bury my father and then back to action in Baghdad Iraq, Mamuhdhya. We were doing patrols 12 on 12 off when I got hurt. We were patrolling the town- I was the .50 cal gunner of a humvee leading a convoy after a12 hr mission coming back when we got hit by IED. I was knocked out for 6 hours when I woke up and I thought where the hell am I- I had needless all over me, I pulled them off tried to get out of bed to stand up but couldn’t. All I remember is thinking, I have to get out of here, where is my weapon and my Platoon -is everyone OK.