The Rojas’ New Home – A gift to a Hero

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Today Gil and Marbella Rojas were awarded their mortgage free home by the Military Warrior Support Foundation in partnership with Wells Fargo. While we at WHOA can’t do the really big things, thank God we have friends that can. What we do pretty well is work behind the scenes to advocate on their behalf, to find resources and opportunities to better their lives. It’s no accident that 10 of our Vets have received mortgage-free homes thanks to Military Warrior Support Foundation and their partnership with folks like Wells Fargo. They have given over 600 homes to wounded Vets throughout our Country. We know of at least 10 that have received or are in the process or receiving these unbelievable life-changing gifts as a result of their association with Wounded Heroes of America.

These two great organizations are TRULY CHANGING LIVES. The Land of the Free and HOME for the BRAVE. Thank you Wells Fargo and Military Warrior Support Foundation. You guys ROCK!


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