WHOA Scuba Diving Club Fundraiser is on.

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Wounded Heroes of America and Dive N’ Surf are working together to create a Scuba Diving Club that allows the mind and bodies of our veterans to stay active; while strengthening the Fellowship among them.


The goal is USD 10,000 to pay for the equipment & gear, lessons, and certification our Wounded Heroes need to dive.  This certification allows the vets from our WHOA Scuba Diving Club to enjoy this activity together.


Support our WHOA Scuba Diving Club by making your donation to our GoFundMe campaign.


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The benefits of scuba diving for our wounded heroes are many.  This article by DeeperBlue.com talks about the general value of Scuba Diving.


Deptherapy, a UK-based niche charity offering support to military veterans who have experienced life-changing injuries, funded empirical research on Scuba Diving that showed:


Scuba diving has the potential to benefit injured veterans due the requirement of complete focus and the feeling of weightlessness when underwater.

Morgan A1Sinclair H1Tan A1Thomas E1Castle R1. for Deptherapy, UK


Read the Abstract of the study at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine.


You can read how the idea for the WHOA Scuba Diving Club came about in the article WHOA Scuba Diving is born.