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A Day of Breaking Bread With Our Vets And Our Police Department

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

The Hawthorne Police hosted Wounded Heroes of America to BBQ at the Police Station- which is a rare opportunity to see a police station as an invited guest rather than under less pleasant circumstances.

It’s always a great moment when the two organizations most responsible for protecting our way life show their mutual respect and appreciation for each other. This doesn’t happen very often but in Hawthorne, under the leadership of Chief Mike Ishii, the commitment and appreciation for our combat wounded veterans is very evident. I can say with certainty that the respect and appreciation is mutual.

Hawthorne PD has always been a friend of our foundation. Our relationship began several years ago when we were invited to join a SWAT training session and share information related to PTSD and other combat related stresses. This really demonstrated a willingness on the part of law enforcement to understand the issues relating to combat wounded veteran and how best to interact with them.

Since then we’ve had a softball game with the Cops which has turned into a fellowship building program for WHOA. Our kids loved spending time with our SWAT officers and from the looks of it the feeling was mutual.

We still have some unfinished business on the softball field. Thanks, guys, for the great time – WHOA

Special thanks to Chief Ishii and Capt Jim Royer for their hospitality and making this day possible.

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