Operation Santa 2019 - WHOA

Operation Santa Claus – Christmas 2019

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Christmas 2019- I think the Christmas story this year should be about a Hero. I met Alroy Billiman at his Purple Heart ceremony back in 2007. I like to keep things raw and real, and as you can tell by the videos and photos they are as raw and its real as they get. We’ve had a great Christmas this …

Operation Santa Day 1

Operation Santa – Day 1

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

Day 1- Operation Santa officially on the road Sunday, Dec 8th–Rain and more rain didn’t stop our Santas from completing the mission, but this was just the beginning. On our first day delivering we visited 16 families in 13 cities- a total of 49 kids. In addition, we have families in 13 states that Santa needs a little help with …

Operation Santa 2019 Is Underway in Hawthorne

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

Christmas is a month-long project here at WHOA. Every year we spend most of December purchasing collecting donated toys, wrapping and delivering and /or shipping to the kids of combat wounded veterans- including the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. In 2018 Santa visited over 40 homes in 30 Southland cities including the Navajo reservation. Operation Santa is a program by our …

Thanksgiving Dinner With Our Vets - WHOA

Thanksgiving Dinner With Our Vets

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

We had our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night Nov 21st. It was standing room only- a large crowd would be 50 people, we had 72 show up for the Last get-together of the year. When we say “El Cholo” we don’t have to explain much. Everyone knows what we’re talking about. A special thanks again to Ron Salisbury and his staff; …

Veteran's Day at the Native American Veteran's Association

Veteran’s Day at the Native American Veteran’s Association

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

This weekend we had the opportunity to attend the 18th annual Native American Veterans Association (NAVA) – Veterans Day POW POW. We at Wounded Heroes of America have a great interest in learning more about the Native American Veterans and their service to our Country. We have some very good friends on the Navajo Reservation and have had post 9/11 …

Softball With Our Vets WHOA

Softball With Our Vets

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

Today was a beautiful day of softball, fellowship and family time with our vets. Marines from San Gabriel Valley and Wounded Heroes of America fought it out on a different kind of sand lot. It had drama, action and even a few guys had to limp home, but everyone had a great time. WHOA made a valiant comeback but came …

Vets Families and Police Department WHOA

A Day of Breaking Bread With Our Vets And Our Police Department

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

The Hawthorne Police hosted Wounded Heroes of America to BBQ at the Police Station- which is a rare opportunity to see a police station as an invited guest rather than under less pleasant circumstances. It’s always a great moment when the two organizations most responsible for protecting our way life show their mutual respect and appreciation for each other. This …

Day a​t the Ranch 2019

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

March 2019 – In a year from now, no one will remember the rains and snow of February and March of 2019- It may well be the winter that ended the drought in California.  We finally got our Day at The Ranch, originally scheduled for Feb 16th, but due to weather, the ranch was a foot under snow. So, we …

An Afternoon in the water with our vets

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

On Saturday, March 9th we spent a beautiful day on the water. This will be a busy year for us and we are off to a fun start. If you follow what we do, you’ll notice that many of the events that our foundation takes part in are at an invitation of people, clubs or organizations within our community. Americans …