Another great family receives a mortgage-free home.

Mike Talleda Announcements

Marine, Jonathan Andrade, his wife, Nicole,  and their growing family of four are the latest of our Vets to receive a mortgage-free home. Jonathan (USMC) served two tours in Iraq and has a little bit of a brighter future thanks to Military Warriors Support Foundation and Wells Fargo. It’s hard to explain what a great gift this is to a Veteran who is 100%  service-connected and disabled. Like many other combat wounded Veterans, that means that on a certain day(s) he or she was almost killed in service to their country. It’s been said that when an individual joins the Armed Services, they write a blank check to the United States of America and its citizens for up to, and including his/her life. Jonathan was one of those that almost made good on that check. Thank goodness he came back to us. This gift to Jonathan and his family is in recognition of the sacrifice he’s made.
Congratulations Jonathan. You deserve this home and more. You can view the news clip here!