Thanksgiving 2021

Omari Valentine Past Events

SUPPLY CHAIN- Who ever heard of a supply chain anyway… We’re so used to walking in a room, flipping on the switch and the lights come on. We know as much about electricity as we know about the supply chain. We just know the light will always come on, and we can always get a turkey dinner- but all of that is changing as we speak…

Every year for as far as I can remember we’ve had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and passed out complete Turkey dinners to all our attending vets. The turkey dinners were usually donated by our friends at Albertsons, and we usually had enough turkey dinners for all our attending vets, the staff at El Cholo Restaurant (our host for years) and usually enough left for the vets at the Gardena Vet Center.

This year, because something called “The Supply Chain” (or lack there off), we had to go to five different markets to find and buy the Turkeys for this year’s get-together- but at the end of the day, we had enough turkeys for everyone including the staff that enthusiastically serves our vets every time.

The El Cholo get-together is the place where we can see each other every other month and catch up– It is the place that over the years we have seen the kids grow – a place where the vets can come and feel safe and comfortable in a room full of other vets.

We had a great time as always- A special thanks to our host Ron Salisbury, owner of El Cholo Chain of restaurants … Thanks Ron for the support you have shown us all these years.

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