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Today the Home Depot Foundation/Home Depot of Carson CA and Wounded Heroes of America and a bunch of Home Depot volunteer partnered up to make life a little easier for one of our Wounded Veterans. We at WHOA have had a long standing belief, and advocated the point, that the resources that are necessary to improve the lives of our wounded veterans are in the community. We couldn’t find a better example of this than what happened today 01/22/2015 at the home of Jose and Beatriz Hernandez. Jose Hernandez ,a Iraq Combat Wounded vet , and wife Beatriz purchased their new home using a VA loan with virtually no money left over to make very much need repairs. Home Depot stepped in and said “We’ll take care of the rest”. We need more of this. Businesses like Home Depot stepping up ,seeking our Wounded Heroes, and not just saying “Thank You for Your Service” but doing something about it.
Thank you Home Depot.

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