Christmas 2014 – Underway

Mike Talleda Christmas Program, Gallery

Dec 4th – getting started

Christmas 2014 has begun…This will be an “All Hands on Deck” month at WHOA, but luckily we have great friends and volunteers that donate their time and money, and in many case both. We’ve started by decorating boxes and putting them to work collecting toys. We’re truly are blessed in that we have some great friends that help out like early supporters, Steve and Elizabeth Diels donated tons of great gifts as well as Cindy and Dorothy and all the ladies from Dollies Making a Difference donated some beautiful handmade Dollies and Teddies and handmade blankets that are absolutely beautiful and original- They also gave us a grant for $1000.00 which we sent out two of our Marines with orders to BUY toys… and lets get started. Thank you everyone. This will be the start; we will be adding more photos as December continues- Happy Holidays.


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