Softball With Our Vets WHOA

Softball With Our Vets

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

Today was a beautiful day of softball, fellowship and family time with our vets.

Marines from San Gabriel Valley and Wounded Heroes of America fought it out on a different kind of sand lot. It had drama, action and even a few guys had to limp home, but everyone had a great time. WHOA made a valiant comeback but came up a few runs short. 18 to 16 a hard-fought contest that left everyone satisfied that they gave all and them some. It was great a day.

Its special day anytime we can get together like this. We played hard, laugh a lot, BBQs some burgers and dogs and the whole family just grew a little closer-and we’re getting a little bit better every time.

We have a team folks and we’re ready for the next challenge. Special thanks to Mario Martinez and all his Marine friends for a great day. We’re looking for the next victim- Well maybe not exactly a victim, but a game -we’re getting better every time. Win or lose, one thing for sure , everyone left better friends.

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