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Thanksgiving Dinner With Our Vets

Mike Talleda Events, Past Events

We had our Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night Nov 21st. It was standing room only- a large crowd would be 50 people, we had 72 show up for the Last get-together of the year. When we say “El Cholo” we don’t have to explain much. Everyone knows what we’re talking about. A special thanks again to Ron Salisbury and his staff; they have done more to help build our fellowship than anyone.

It’s a reassuring sign to see someone in our ranks that has been absent for some time comes back to join us for dinner and their first comments are “We don’t recognize anyone” –

Over the years the number of vets keeps steadily rising and while many of our vets are over the worse and doing quite well, we still have vets sleeping in cars and suffering from depression and Isolation. But one thing is clear they love to get together.

Another great friend is Albertsons Market- They donated 25 complete Thanksgiving dinners.

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