An Afternoon in the water with our vets

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On Saturday, March 9th we spent a beautiful day on the water. This will be a busy year for us and we are off to a fun start. If you follow what we do, you’ll notice that many of the events that our foundation takes part in are at an invitation of people, clubs or organizations within our community. Americans …

20th Annual (2019) WHOA Golf Tournament

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The 20th Annual WHOA Golf Tournament is a fundraiser to support our year-long programs and activities for wounded heroes. At WHOA we understand the need to strengthen interactions between the veteran and civilian communities.  We found that an entire day together in the golf course goes a long way to bridge the gap; plus helps raise both awareness and funds …

A Tale of two Heroes

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We often say that one person can make a difference. This story is about two very different people, in two very different places, with one common goal. They wish to make this world a better place–if not the whole world, at least their environments. Their journeys started very optimistically. One of the two lived in Puerto Rico, and the other, …

Delivering and Shipping Begins

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December 15 & 16th  The weekend of Dec 15th Santa finished with So Cal and them off to the Navajo Reservation.  December 8th and 9th Now is the time that Santa puts on the red suite and get on his sled and start visiting the children. Even the big kids love to see Santa stop by. The weekend of Dec …

From Hawthorne to the North Pole

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Dec 1st -2018- The official start of Operation Santa.  2018 was a special year for our kids. Over the last several months, we’ve been getting ready for our trip to the North Pole. United Airlines invited 25 of our kids, all children of our combat wounded vets, for a very special ride to go meet Santa.  Over the last 25 …

WHOA 2018 Operation Santa is running.

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This year’s mission is bringing Christmas to over 200 children in 40 SoCal cities, 14 states, Puerto Rico, and the Navajo Reservation; our wounded heroes are all over the United States. You can help us continue Operation Santa by bringing/sending a gift or by making a donation.

Help Claudia save her home.

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Claudia, a mother of two from Tucson, Arizona, is a medically retired US Army Vet. In 2003 her unit was deployed to Iraq; where she was involved in a head-on collision on a fuel convoy. As a result, Claudia repeatedly loses her entire memory every 48-72 hours. VA diagnosed her with severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Claudia is unemployable; no one will hire a veteran with memory limitations. At the moment, she is struggling to pay her mortgage and needs our support. Claudia served her country – Let’s help her now.

ShotOut to Furnishing Hope.

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At WHOA, we realized long ago the importance of working with others to accomplish our common goals.
One of the best examples of collaboration is our relationship with Beth Phillips and Furnishing Hope. This unbelievable foundation provides furniture to combat wounded veterans. It’s impressive that in only a few hours, they can dramatically change the lives of veterans and their families. Special thanks to Beth, Furnishing Hope, and all the great volunteers who bring joy to our heroes.

WHOA Scuba Diving is born.

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In the veteran non-profit world and the VA system, there are multiple groups that benefit from sports or activities as therapy. The camaraderie and the fellowship alone are utmost therapeutic, and the physical activity challenging in a good way. August 25, 2018, was our kick-off for the WHOA Scuba Diving Club! We are a good deal away from being able to call ourselves scuba divers, but we’re on our way. Special thanks to Chris and Thomas, managers at Dive N’ Surf, and to our adventurous heroes for making this happen.

2018 – Back to School Shopping Spree

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There are some things we do that really turnout to be special and worth building on. Taking our kids shopping for school clothes is one of those things- Not just shopping, but letting the kids choose and buy whatever they want. It’s a great day for everyone involved- Rotary gets a chance to get closer to the vets and families, …